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About us at Nottingham Heating services. in the first place, We are a group of highly experienced heating engineers, tired of big companies ripping off hard working homeowners! There are lots of other previous work colleagues that we worked with who want to leave big companies. We are here looking after our local communities. Between us we have over 50 years worth of experience. We are also always progressing and learning. Every year there are new boilers and improvements. This business changes very quickly.

Our lives

Plumbing and heating has been our lives since being apprentices and then progressing to being highly skilled engineers. This is shown by the quality of our work. We have all worked for big and small companies. And now we can use all our skills to help our local customers.

In contrast we all come from different backgrounds from working in factories fixing toilets, working in the private sector for companies like British gas to working in social housing. Our 2 most seasoned engineers are Mark and Ricky, have been working in the plumbing and heating industry for between 25 and 30 years (both very well seasoned and highly experienced) and they provide technical support should any of the other engineers need help. If you ask them a question they will know the answere.  

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We are a new dynamic plumbing and heating company, we aim to keep you the customer equally informed, Also keep you the customer happy. Most companies also do not service the customers needs. You may work outside the normal 9 to 5. We also work at the weekends, which helps Monday to Friday workers. We will also be here to help accommodate busy working lives. I also hope you like and enjoyed our about us page. And equally please tell us if you think we could add more. About us at Nottingham Heating services.Nottingham Local Plumbers Boiler Repair Heating Engineers

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