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Boiler Expert Installers Nottingham. Equally we are here to work with you, and for you. Indeed our engineers are the best that there is. We subcontract to big companies. Granted that you may also have repair contracts with. Not to mention do you want to pay British Gas prices. In other words we can guarantee to beat any quote for you, That you recieve by large household companies. You will also get an expert service and experience.

Do I need to replace my boiler?

If your boiler requires more than one repair every 6 months, you probably think about replacing it.

Why should you replace. In the first place, as boilers get older they experience wear and tear, all the parts inside of the boiler are more susceptible to breaking down more often. Also the biggest cause of boiler breaking down is system water quality. And if you are experiencing more and more repairs, at some point you need to ask yourself if it’s still worth wasting your money on an ageing boiler..

Possible causes of dirty system water

  1. Bad installer did not clean system when boiler was installed.
  2. System has been drained and inhibitor not put back into system.
  3. Frequent pressure loss and also constantly being topped up on sealed system ( combi boiler )
  4. Such as leaks on open vented system, automatically tops up system your from expansion tank, these leaks you may not see.
  5. In fact Oxygen ingression, from badly designed open vented systems.
  6. System not cleaned regularly about every 4 to 5 years.

Likewise think of it this way: Your average boiler repair in our area is around £100 to £300+. And let’s say you need boiler repairing every 6 months. The repairs quickly reach over £600 in just one year, Equally some repairs can be much higher. Instead of wasting money on a boiler that may require more repairs, you could put that money toward the cost of replacing your boiler instead.

Timer not including rewire£90
Automatic air vent£100
Air pressure switch£190
Printed circuit board£260
Diverter valve£350
Heat exchanger£400

Also boilers have very few moving parts, they can be incredibly reliable throughout their life. However, even the most reliable boiler will reach the end of their life eventually. Boilers normally last 8 to 15 years, this depends on a lot of factors, we have replaced boilers at 2 years old because of a bad installation.

Bullet points to consider from Boiler Expert Installers Nottingham

  • Your boiler needs frequent repairs
  • Your fuel bills are higher than they used to be
  • You see yellow flames and black soot
  • Leaks in the boiler
  • The age of your boiler
  • Boiler Expert Installers Nottingham Advises you

Here are some of the most common signs that, hence it’s time for you to replace your boiler.

Insufficient heat – Also if your boiler is suddenly unable to produce sufficient heat to keep your home comfortable—especially if it did this easily previously—it’s probably time to replace your ageing boiler. Most likely, it has reached the end of its working life, and as a result can’t provide you with the heat that you need.

Uneven temperatures – in addition to insufficient heating, you may also notice that your boiler is unable to maintain consistent temperatures from one level of the home to the next—or even from one room to the next.

Strange noises – Are there are strange noises coming from your radiator as well as boiler, this is something that needs to be inspected by a heating professional. That way, they can tell you what’s going on with your boiler and help you figure out the best way to solve your problem, whether it’s repair or replacement.

Age – most boilers last between 15 – 25 years, depending on the quality of their installation and the maintenance they received. Once your boiler gets to this age range, it’s just naturally going to start to deteriorate.Nottingham Local Plumbers Boiler Repair Heating Engineers

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