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Boiler Service Nottingham and all surrounding areas. Having your boiler services is the most important thing you can do. And this should be done on an annual basis. Not only does this check if your boiler is safe, it also keeps your warranty. Many people do not realise that manufacturers insist the boiler is serviced, but they can also invalidate your warranty if this is not done.

What are the benefits of a regular Boiler Service Nottingham?

A reduction in mechanical costs

The biggest issues with boilers usually start with minor, easy to fix issues. Having your boiler checked annually can help stop out the costs of expensive repairs.

Think of it like getting rid of the root of a common garden weed, before it grows. It’s a great way to avoid time-consuming, and impractical faults later on in a boiler’s life – the importance of Boiler Service Nottingham cannot be stressed enough.

Hefty heating bills will be a thing of the past

Efficiency = Money saved. A boiler that is in tip-top working condition will do wonders to cut the cost of your heating bill. It may even give you the option to enjoy the finer things in life.

Carbon Monoxide can be fatal

Servicing a boiler once a year is essential in order to prevent the possibility of slap-dash installation, warped ventilation or negligible maintenance causing the boiler to exude carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide cannot be seen or smelt, but it can kill. Best to avoid headaches, nausea and breathlessness – all symptoms, and opt for a yearly service.

Landlord? It’s compulsory – By Law Boiler Service Your Boiler Nottingham!

CP12 inspection Certificates are part of the fundamentals of being a safe, responsible landlord. Get someone qualified to inspect your boilers (a heating engineer), yearly, and start welcoming the happy tenants!

Getting your boiler serviced regularly is therefore an essential consideration for any home owner. If you have any queries at all, contact someone local with boiler servicing experience.

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