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After a hard day’s work, You just think of curling up on the sofa in your nice warm house is the perfect remedy. So the last thing you want is to come home to is a cold house and no hot water.

Ensure your boiler is in good working to efficiently heat your home all winter, to keep your savings and bank account from being drained on expensive repair bills further down the line. Our engineers offer cost-effective boiler service and repairs in Nottingham and the surrounding areas. We can install and repair boilers from a range of leading manufacturers.

Heating systems explained

Heating systems explained Combination boilers ( combi boiler )

Combination boilers – more commonly known as combi boilers – are the most popular kind in the world and provide heat. And hot water on demand with no water tanks or cylinders. They also have all controls incorporated inside boiler.


  • You get unlimited heat and hot water when you need it.
  • There’s no need for a tank in your loft that may freeze in winter.
  • They don’t take up much space.
  • Compact and free up space in airing cupboard.
  • No need for external pump and valves.


  • The water pressure might be less if you need hot water from more than one tap
  • Can have a lower flow temperature through outlets in winter
  • Can have a pressure loss if system pipework is old or embedded in concrete. ( 1 in 100 )
  • Loose heat in airing cupboard ( small radiator can be fitted to compensate )
  • If the boiler breaks down you have no heat or hot water.

Suitable for:

Combi boilers are not suitable for all homes, but best for homes with few people, but also can be suitable if water pressure is high ( that there will be no loss of water pressure ).

System boilers

System boilers – no tank in loft-pressurised-pump inside boiler – come with a hot water cylinder normally in airing cupboard, but can also be in loft.


  • No need for a header tank in loft.
  • You can get hot water from multiple taps at the same time.
  • Pump inside boiler.
  • Mains unvented cylinder can be used, Water flows as fast as cold water.


  • Stored hot water ( less efficient ) can be compensated with a high efficiency cylinder.
  • Hot water capacity from cylinder.
  • Hot water cylinder takes up space.
  • Unvented cylinder may not have enough pressure and flow rate.

Suitable for

Homes which have multiple point hot water outlets.

Conventional boilers

Conventional boilers – also known as open vent or regular boilers – have both a cylinder and a tank- these can be converted to a sealed system and have an unvented cylinder fitted.


You can get hot water from multiple taps at the same time.

Back up from immersion heater for hot water.


  • The hot water can run out and you’ll have to wait for it to reheat.
  • Larger capacity cylinder may be needed
  • You need to find room for the cylinder and the tank, but unvented cylinder may be suitable ( provided the mains water pressure is adequate.

Suitable for

Homes which need to have hot water in more than one place at the same time.

Condensing boilers

New modern condensing boilers are the industry standard and not a boiler type.

Modern condensing boilers are not a boiler type, every modern boiler today is a “condensing boiler” It just means that the boiler is energy efficient regardless of if is, a combi ( combination boiler ) conventional boiler ( heat only ) or a system boiler.

All modern boilers are condensing boilers.

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